Senior Consultants

  • Craig Gilbert

    New Zealand

    Craig has nearly 30-years’ experience as an investigator, trainer and mentor. A great deal of his knowledge and experience was gained in the New Zealand Police, in such roles as a detective, team leader, armed tactical squad member and trainer.   Craig’s experience and training have provided him with strong skill- sets in investigations; leadership, culture and people performance; planning, briefing and debriefing; emergency management; risk assessment; harm prevention and training delivery.  

    Craig has undertaken and managed all types of sensitive and complex investigations in both crime investigation and administrative sectors.  He has developed and delivered training packages aimed at enhancing individual and organisational performance.

    Craig believes:  “A strong team is the main ingredient for organisational success.  If we get it right, great things happen.   Shared vision, shared values, shared purpose.  Safe, healthy, positive environments where we want to spend our time.”

  • Mette Marie Honoré


    Mette’s background is within accountability and compliance in the humanitarian sector, with a strong focus on investigations of misconduct, particularly relating to safeguarding-related allegations.

    A qualified lawyer, Mette initially worked in refugee law and human rights and worked in senior roles for more than 15 years with an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) providing operational and programmatic support throughout Asia, Europe and Africa.

    Mette also provides training, facilitation and technical guidance to management and frontline humanitarian and development workers regarding workplace investigations and code of conduct.

  • Kenneth (Ken) Orce


    Ken has worked for more than 30 years as an investigator in the humanitarian, development and corporate sectors. He has extensive experience working with the United Nations (UN) investigation bodies and was an investigation team leader with the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS). Ken has also undertaken long-term investigation assignments with organisations such as UNFPA, UNHCR, The Global Fund, UNOPS and UNDP.

    In recent years, Ken has provided investigation support to several INGOs and corporate organisations, particularly relating to fraud, corruption and bribery allegations; and provided anti-money laundering advice.  

    Ken has significant investigation experience in the Americas and Africa. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

  • Isabelle Ginet-Kauders


    Isabelle started her career as a business intelligence analyst and investigator in the corporate sector. In 2015, she joined OSACO and has worked with us to undertake complex investigation and training projects for both UN and INGOs throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    Isabelle is a qualified auditor for ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery) & 19600 (Compliance). She is a French Foreign Trade Advisor providing expert support relating to business intelligence and compliance. Isabelle is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

  • Alfred Zebi

    Cote d’Ivoire

    Alfred is a qualified lawyer. He has worked in both the humanitarian and development, and corporate sectors. He spent several years as a Senior Legal Counsel with the African Development Bank (AfDB) before joining UNDP for seven years as an Investigation Specialist, where he worked throughout Africa and the Middle East.

    Alfred has worked with OSACO for several years where he’s either undertaken or managed complex investigations for UN, INGO and corporate clients, predominately in the African region. While being able to undertake investigations into all types of allegations, he specialises in those relating to fraud, corruption and bribery, particularly issues surrounding procurement.

  • Michael Taylor

    United Kingdom

    Michael is an accomplished senior-level investigative leader with more than 30 years’  experience successfully managing demanding, high-risk national and international investigations.

    Michael started his career with the London Metropolitan Police (MET) where he achieved the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent. then took on the role of Chief of Investigations for the UN’s Special Tribunal for Lebanon. He has provided investigation support, mentoring and undertaken reviews throughout the globe for various investigation bodies in the public and humanitarian sectors. 

  • Christopher (Chris) Delaney

    New Zealand

    Chris has worked for more than 30-years providing investigation, organisational reviews and risk services in public and private sectors. Initially, he worked as a Detective with the New Zealand Police, then in the corporate sector, and for more than 10 years in the humanitarian and development sectors.

    Chris is a qualified mediator and ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery) & 19600 (Compliance), auditor. He has worked throughout the globe, particularly in, the Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia regions, undertaking investigations into all types of alleged staff misconduct.

  • Shaheryar Khan


    Shaheryar has worked both in the humanitarian and governmental sectors in Pakistan for more than 30-years. He specialises in investigations and risk management. Through his connections in this region, he can also provide support to organisations who want to establish themselves in Pakistan.