Jaydene Buckley

About me

I initially came from a senior role with the New Zealand Police where I spent my later years as a police liaison officer in Maori communities. There my team developed a strongly proactive, community-based approach to issues affecting community wellbeing; such as youth criminality, gangs, drugs and reoffending.

After leaving the police I undertook investigation roles for a large global business as well as the UN and several INGO agencies.

I believe that integrity is vital if organisations are going to achieve their objectives. My job is to ensure that organisational leaders are responsible for respecting and managing the organisation’s assets; not just the physical and financial but, more especially, the people and value factors such as trust, goodwill and reputation.

My background has taught me that victims are never faceless. The human cost of wrongdoing is real and significant, especially on the grand scale of large multinational organisations.

I’m very direct. I will always tell it like it is. If I’m making a big noise about transparency and integrity, then I must walk the talk in the work that I do for our clients.