Who are Osaco Group

Who We Are

OSACO Group is a global and multi-lingual team of extensively experienced investigative consultants and specialists in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption.

We work globally and with all organisational sectors to help our clients proactively and effectively manage their human risk factors.

Our reputation and success is entirely dependent on the capability and integrity of our people, and our investigators are all vetted, highly-skilled professionals with proven credentials in detecting, managing and mitigating human fallibility.

Our team brings an extensive toolkit of experience, expertise and best practice to enable our clients to build and protect their brand positioning and maintain the trust of their shareholders, stakeholders and customers.

Meet the OSACO Team

The OSACO management team each have in excess of 30 years’ experience conducting and managing investigations, both criminal and administrative, conducting organisational and program reviews, and carrying out gaps analysis throughout the world. In addition to their service as senior police officers in their home jurisdictions and as investigators with various international criminal tribunals, they have, for more than a decade, worked with and for bodies within a variety of UN and INGO organisations.