Who are Osaco Group

Who We Are

Osaco is a global and multi-lingual team of highly experienced investigative consultants. All of our consultants come from investigative backgrounds – private and public sectors.

This is important to you

It’s important to understand that organisational breaches due to Human Risk factors are not a paperwork exercise. That’s just papering over the cracks. Human Risk violation and prevention requires expert investigators with deep knowledge of

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Process

OSACO are highly selective in who is on our team - the team are vetted, highly trained and experienced professionals.

We are realistic about how long an investigation will take, what guidance you need and what resources are required.

This means you have peace of mind that we not only understand your requirements, but we ensure that what you get at the end of the investigation is accurate, fair and useable.

Our clients don’t pay us to put a tick in a box, they pay us because they want results and we get results.

OSACO Group’s consultants are a global network of specialists in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption, within and across geographical borders and organisational structures.

The unifying factor at the heart of our work is that we are all driven by a sense of fair justice and that clean business drives better business outcomes.

We believe it’s important that your business or organisation is not only clean but also transparent - let us help you build and maintain your organisational posture, your brand reputation and the infallible trust of your shareholders, stakeholders, customers and beneficiaries.