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    OSACO Group works with you to protect your organisation from the threats and liabilities of Human Risks.

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    OSACO Group is a global and multi-lingual team of extensively experienced investigative consultants and specialists in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption.
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    OSACO Group safeguards your organisation from the threats and liabilities of Human Risk factors
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    All organisations are vulnerable to human risk factors that can impact adversely on your reputation and organisational purpose
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    Who We Work With

    OSACO Group works with organisations of all kinds, throughout the world.
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    Where We Work

    OSACO's global network of consultants specialise in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption. We operate in more than 30 countries throughout the world.
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    OSACO Group delivers regular workshops and briefings throughout the globe.


People are capable of remarkable things, but we’re also fallible. It’s a simple truth that’s never been so clearly visible in our global humanitarian organisations, international businesses, financial institutions and governing bodies.

So much has been accomplished; yet scandal after scandal, failure after failure have corroded public trust and goodwill to a breaking point, while causing untold human, economic and environmental harm.

The good news is that the vast majority of damaging behaviour in organisations is predictable and almost entirely preventable, if we get ahead of the game and insist on proactive and realistic responses to managing human risk factors.

What We Do

Human risk factors can, and do, occur anywhere and in any organisation. They range from fraud, corruption and financial crime, to sexual exploitation, abuse and safeguarding failures. They also include abuse of authority and position, gross neglect and sheer incompetence. OSACO Group helps organisations of all kinds to anticipate, identify and combat unacceptable conduct by those who work within them and/or on their behalf.



"It’s not just what you do, but how you do it" is a truism that's never been more relevant.

A seemingly endless stream of high-profile scandals involving corruption, fraud, safeguarding failures, incompetence and regulatory inadequacy have eroded public patience with humanitarian, international development, business, finance, government and even sports organisations. Public tolerance is at a breaking point.

The cost of this situation to an organisation is beyond what you might think.

Our trend predictions for the five years from 2020 demonstrate clearly that right now is the best time to rethink, reshape and recognise that it’s no longer enough simply to say you’re doing clean business. You have to be able to prove it.

Humanitarian And Development

Humanitarian and development organisations have regularly been embroiled in public relations disasters during the past decade. Their reputations have been damaged and their philanthropic work compromised by scandals and misconduct.

OSACO Group is a global expert in working with humanitarian and development organisations in communities throughout the world to effectively manage human risk factors.

We work, in particular, with aid and development organisations of all kinds to protect them from threats to their integrity and credibility and distract them from their mission to provide aid and protection to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Where We Work

OSACO Group is a global network of specialists and experts in compliance, governance, safeguarding and workplace investigations. We are engaged and operate around the globe, often in locations where others tend not to work. We speak multiple languages and are seasoned at working with translators.

Some of our recent assignments

Widescale safeguarding investigation into allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault against multiple local and international staff members working for several INGOs throughout East Africa.

Audit and investigation of alleged fraud, bribery and corruption relating to international donor funding provided to INGOs and NGOs throughout Central and East Africa.

For three-years, we have been conducting investigations into damaging and problematic allegations of fraud harassment and sexual harassment for a UN Agency based in Europe.

Crisis management support for an INGO experiencing critical security risks to its operations in Syria.

Comprehensive organisational review for a global INGO relating to their investigation framework, procedures and staffing.

Various long-term agreements with international organisations to provide investigation services – including UN Agencies, multiple INGOs, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the New Zealand Government.

Since 2013 OSACO has provided tailored training courses for 500+ participants from humanitarian and corporate organisations throughout Africa, Europe and Asia on how to conduct and manage effective workplace investigations. From 2020 we will also be offering these training courses in the Americas and the Pacific region.

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Effective Workplace Investigations Basic and Advanced courses are available as an online option

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